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We Listen Carefully

AWS ghostwriters are highly educated in writing, and are experienced, professional writers. Many of our writers have experience working for major book publishers, have M.F.A. degrees, and have had their own books published.  


Professional Formatting

Your ghostwritten Book Proposal or Book will be formatted in a professional manner, according to industry standards. We listen carefully to your ideas, confer with you by phone several times thoughout the process, and incorporate your email comments - all to ensure that your final ghostwritten Book Proposal or Book, will meet or exceed your expectations. 













No Publishing, Promotion, or Copyright Protection Provided 
AWS ghostwriting services offers no marketing or promotion of the Book Proposal or Book (except if you order the additional Amazon publishing service), and makes no guarantee that the ghostwritten Book or Book Proposal will be read, bought by a book agent or publisher.  Once your ghostwritten material is completed, it is the Author's responsibility to copyright the ghostwritten material  to at the Library of Congress.  AWS offers no copyright protection services, however all rights are signed over to you, as the Author. 



Payment is made in advance, through Paypal only  (Paypal also accepts major credit cards).

You will sign a Payment & Scope of Work Agreement for your particular project. 

The price for a Book Proposal or Book varies according to the time involved, whether we are writing a Non-Fiction or Novel, from an idea, manuscript, or life-story; and whether or not the writer will do in-depth research on location, time period, and industry-specific jargon, or other technical issues.

Since 2005, our fees are some of the lowest in the business.


Book Proposal:  $2,500 - $5,000.


Novel:  $10,000+

(100,000 - 115,000 words)


Non-Fiction: $7,000+

(70,000 - 75,000 words)    


Book Published on Amazon

Additional:  $5,000. 


Contact us for an estimate on your project, by sending an email using the form on the Contact Us page.

Time Frame

The time frame for completion depends on if we are writing a Book Proposal or full Book.  For a Book Proposal, it typically requires 2 - 3 months, while a complete Book requires 4-5 months, this includes reviewing your ideas, several phone calls, drafts and revisions, and a final review of the finished product. A RUSH order is possible, depending on availability of our ghostwriters, for an additional fee.


Contact Us for Price Quote

For questions or more information on prices for AWS ghostwriting services, please contact us by using the email form on the Contact Us page.

Pro Book Ghostwriters


AWS book authors have worked for the top publishers in the country, the Big Five: HarperCollins, Simon & Schuster, Macmillan, the Hachette Book Group,  and Penguin Random House.


We offer full story development services, listen closely to your ideas, and offer affordable ghostwriting rates.  All authorship credit and copyright is signed over to you with a ghostwriter agreement, and non-disclosure confidentiality agreement.

Do you have a great idea that’s just begging to be turned into a Book Proposal or Book?  Are you the author of a manuscript that you also want written into a Book under your name with copyright signed over to you?  Do you have a life story Non-Fiction or idea for a Novel that you need a Book Proposal to show to publishers? Do you want to self-publish your Book on Amazon, with professional writing, in a professional format, without the hassle of doing it yourself?

From non-fiction, to fiction to young adult, to children to how-to book -- the skilled and experienced writers at AWS will ghostwrite your Book Proposal or Book with a combination of great listening skills, professional writing ability, and industry-grade execution and formatting -- all for extremely competitive rates.

​You Retain All Credit

AWS writers sign a Ghostwriting Agreement with you, to ensure that all writing credits and rights are signed over to you at the outset.



AWS Ghost Writers sign a non-disclosure agreement with you, to protect your confidentiality.


Book Proposal

Life story to Book 

Screenplay to Book

Manuscript to Book

Idea to Book

Book Series Proposal

Full Story Development

Ghostwriting Services

​(credit & copyright signed over to you)

Professional Screenwriter, Screenwriter Ghostwriter, Screenplay Ghostwriter, Story Development Services, Hire a Screenwriter, Screenwriting Services, Ghostwriter
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