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Professional Screenwriter, Screenwriter Ghostwriter, Screenplay Ghostwriter, Story Development Services
Professional Screenwriter, Screenwriter Ghostwriter, Screenplay Ghostwriter, Story Development Services, Hire a Screenwriter, Screenwriting Services, Ghostwriter

Screenplay Analysis from Hollywood studio readers!

AWS screenplay analysts are studio readers, and have written coverage for major Hollywood studios including: Sony, Disney Animation Studios, Columbia and more.

Would you like an independent opinion of your script, with an honest assessment of it’s strengths and weaknesses? Do you prefer frank and uncensored comments about your writing, to assist you in the re-writing process? Are you looking for specific suggestions on how to improve the script, trouble-shoot problems or enhance the plot? 

All analysts sign non-disclosure agreements.   WGA Registered/copyright scripts preferred.  Please email PDF files only to:   

Your Screenplay Analysis is 100% Guaranteed. 

Turnaround time is up to 10 days (depends on how busy we are), with option of rush overnight service.


3 or 6 page Screenplay Analysis

3-Page Screenplay Analysis - logline, synopsis, analysis of strengths and weaknesses in plot, dialogue, character, and originality; and a ratings chart. Turnaround time is up to 10 days.

24-Hour RUSH Overnight - available by appointment only, as it depends on availability of Analyst. Only available for the 3-page Analysis. Check with us in advance for scheduling and availability.

6-Page Development Notes - logline, synopsis, detailed analysis of strengths and weakness in plot, dialogue and character; originality and commercial potential; ratings chart; and detailed page notes with suggestions on MPAA rating/budget/demographics, plot development, character arcs, and actors envisioned for lead roles. Turnaround time is up to 10 days.




Screenplay Analysis Testimonials:

"Your service is A+ and so here is another script I need coverage on – Thanks!"  Tom Streich, Panzer


"I went through all the analysis notes and wanted to let you know that your reader did an excellent job both in comments and in grammar!  Best feedback yet. He or she understood the story. That was a big plus. Thanks again for the fast turnaround."  - George Covic, Diversion

"Please extend my thanks to my AWS Analyst as he really nailed it once again, giving me an excellent sense of what's not working (and why) along with great suggestions for dealing with the problems. Also, nice work on the logline and synopsis." - Margie Kaptanoglu, Sy Borgman

"Your notes were fantastic.  Incorporated many of your suggestions,  As of this writing, the script you helped me on, "Born Under A Lucky Star," has made it to the finals of StoryPros International.  And by doing well in a secular contest, it gives me hope for the Kairos contest, the very contest I'm aiming for.  Don't be surprised to hear from me again." - Paul Undari, Born Under a Lucky Star

"Thank you for your great coverage which I plan to incorporate into the next draft." - Stephanie, Violets

"Just wanted to thank AWS for the speedy turnaround time and excellent suggestions my Analyst made concerning my script. Not to mention the time he took to help me with format issues. I will definitely be using your service with all future scripts." - Julia Kubik, The Bend in the Bridge

"I am very pleased with the job your Analyst did with my script, including a number of helpful suggestions as to what worked and what didn't, as well as proposing specific revisions and improvements.  Of course the ultimate compliment will be sending you more work, which I plan to do in the next few days."  - Scott Allan, Saiman Two Tickets

"Thank you so much! I think my Analyst did a great job! The notes are spot on as well as the logline and synopsis. I will definitely take all the suggestions into consideration.  A lot of wonderful stuff. I know my script will be raised to a higher level with the next rewrite. You guys are on the top of my list for script analysis." - George Covic, Secrets of Men

"Thank you, the analysis was really great. I appreciate it!  The constructive feedback will help me in tying off loose ends, which will improve the script.  My only conundrum will be in finding an answer to the pacing dilemma for act III, the scene in the jazz-era hell... All the best."  - Rafal Zlak, Astro Sun

"I think AWS Analysts must love a great deal what they do. Only that can make such a refined and devoted, functional Analyst. My Analyst got involved with this convoluted story to such a professional degree, that it really helps me to clarify to myself certain things regarding this script. I was happy to understand that my Analyst had technically deconstructed to the last extent, the whole plot, with objective, scientific arguments. Not to mention the low price you do it for, and despite that English is not my first language."  - Corneliu Filip, Counterpart

"My Analyst's notes were fantastic.  We're working on a rewrite now incorporating much of what was highlighted in the analysis. To be sure, when this draft is complete we'll be sending it back to AWS for another pass." - Lawrence Kennelly, The Snowmen

"I'm very pleased with the analysis.  The overall evaluation is just the type of positive affirmation my writing partner and I were hoping to receive.  We've been working hard, having just completed our fourth script together, hoping to get them all into fighting shape for upcoming contests and submissions to agents/managers. The recommended log line and synopsis were very strong -- much better than what we currently have. The suggestions/notes were spot on and the grammar/formatting helpful."  - Lawrence Kennelly, Man With Cross

“This is really great!  The macro note is exactly what I am working on now, so it's good to have that reinforced.  How amazing to have the synopsis and logline offered as well - the price would cover these aspects alone, but having them included is a real plus.  And the additional comments about its marketability strength is very encouraging. I will now permanently add your service to the steps I take when developing a script.  I hope to have a new draft in a couple days - will be in touch then.” – Rebecca Ortese, Estranged

"Oh wow, this coverage just made my day.  I knew from the last analysis  that he is smart, has terrific writing skills, and has excellent taste/judgment.  So I'm incredibly happy that he had such wonderful things to say about The Lobsterman's Son.  At the same time, he once again provided me with a lot of outstanding suggestions for improvement, along with an intriguing logline and well-written synopsis.  So glad I don't have to write one myself!  Your service is the best deal around, and you can quote me on that." - Margie Kostrubala, The Lobsterman's Son

"I am so pleased with the coverage and with your reader's ability to identify problems that I'm send the revised script back to you. He/she found 18 specific area's where the script could be improved. Nothing got by him/her. You don't get second-chances in Hollywood. Your service is terrific." - Drenon Carlyle, Santa's Little Helper

"Wow, you are fast! The AWS coverage is fantastic and will be very useful in our final tweak. Please thank our analysis for his excellent work - the notes were spot on and I really appreciate the suggestions for fixing problems -  he doesn't just point them out.  This week our agent is sending out another script that AWS covered for us to a few producers and said it was our best work yet. She was really funny and said, "Am I just imagining things or were there absolutely no typos in that script?" My partner and I were high fiving each other and knew that its pristine shape was due to our analyst's excellent proofreading. He's our secret weapon.  Thanks again!" - Heather Hughes

"Thank you for the fast turnaround and great feedback.  The overall evaluation is encouraging, and tells me the story is on the right track. The analysis shows that the important parts of the script (particularly character, structure and plot) are mostly working, and the suggestions for improvement and specific character & dialogue notes are excellent and have given me some new ideas to rev things up.  The logline and synopsis my AWS Analyst provided are also well-written.  Overall, I'm very happy with my feedback and consider it an excellent value." - Margie Kaptanoglu, Behind the Curtain

"I'm blown away.  Thanks, and kudos, to your Analyst, for the incredibly helpful, honest and right-on analysis.  As a writer, I think the hardest perspective is on my own work -- to get the critical, professional eyes of your analysts gives a perspective I can get nowhere else.  I think of your service as a group of expert trail guides, who help us struggling writers who don't know the signs of the forest, to help lead us out of confusion and uncertainty, to point the way, recognize the signs, and as a result, we become that much better on the next hike.  Thank you, again.  To be continually amazed and blown away is such a gas!"  - Steve Solomon, Angel Bands

"Thanks for the feedback, as this was my first draft of this idea and I did want an expert opinion before I did a re-write. I was very happy to see that my Analysis pointed out some things that I had a gut feeling was missing in the story, and my Analyst definitely got the "feeling" I was going for. So I feel now that I am on the right track to making  this script really good." - June Escalante, Honey Child

"The analysis was so heartening, so balanced, and so helpful.  I cannot thank you, and the analyst, enough.  The work that you and your analysts produce has been so inspirational to me. It raises the bar for me to reach higher, improve, and grow as a screenwriter."  -Steve Solomon, David V. ,TV Pilot

"After reading the AWS analysis for Tales of Orenda, one word sums up my response: "WOW!" It is so rewarding to have my AWS analyst "get" the story and enjoy the characters.  The greatest compliment I've received to-date about my writing was that characters were crafted so compelling that even though killed off, I should "bring them back!"  I especially appreciated the suggestions for character tweaks, storyline focus.  This aids my re-writes so incredibly, and provides a wonderful framework for writing the entire series."  – Steve Solomon, Tales of Orenda

"What a marvelous job by my AWS analyst!  I truly appreciate credit for the positives of the script, and the constructive suggestions for improvement.  It was an incredibly thorough and thoughtful analysis. This feedback will re-animate my editing efforts, and produce a much better script."  Thank you!  - Steve Solomon, The Gift of Me

"The screenplay analysis from AWS was scary good! Every suggestion made perfect sense and opened up incredible opportunities to improve elements necessary for the story to work. I'll be sending treatments in soon, too!"  - Julie Gribble, Jessica and the Manor House Spy, NY Media Works

"It was so wonderful to hear the reviewer's summary of my plot, characters and scenes: the feedback helps me gauge whether or not I'm succeeding in my writing.  The Analysis was very balanced, constructive criticism, and praise, which, honestly, buoyed my spirit as a writer!  This story was very close to my heart, and I created this short in a couple weeks.  You have found an enthusiastic supporter of your service!  **Update: I want to thank you and the screenwriter that gave me coverage for my short script, Angel Bands. I just found out that I was a top winner, taking 3rd place for best short script in the 2010 Calif. Film Awards competition!  I could not have achieved that success without the valuable input provided by  AWS.**" - Steve Solomon, Angel Bands

"I appreciate your getting me the Development Notes so fast, the analysis was very helpful for this re-write." - Stephanie Angel, Intumatic

"Your Analyst has done me a BIG favor, highlighting a few fundamental flaws in my script, which I was too close to see. I appreciate the quick 24-Hour turnaround." - Michael Walsh, Jaguarundi

"This is excellent! Exactly what we needed. It also validates many of our own thoughts and will be extremely helpful in rewriting the pilot to better align with the strength of the treatment and episode guide." - Lissa Watson, Damage Analysis Pilot, Ex. Producer, Green Swamp Productions

"The Analysis is going to be very helpful.  Even though at work, I couldn't help but dive into it.  Also, thank you for the quick turnaround.  I will certainly come back to AWS in the future." - John Pace, Hollow Planet

"Thanks, I think it's great how quickly you were able to get this screenplay analysis back to me.  The comments were very helpful and insightful, and I feel much more comfortable attacking my second draft now." - Sean Sinclair, Radhika

"I attended the Writers Boot Camp school in Los Angeles, a few years back and while I was there, I heard from several of my colleagues (an ex-Marine and a film producer) that they had received coverage from AWS that was really spot on, and they believed it really complimented their work. You can definitely quote me on that." - Dominic Daniel, Skinned, Rock City Films

"Thank you so much, I am super happy with your service, and I'll tell everybody that I know how awesome that it is.  The notes were spot on and gave me great feedback.  I've actually implemented a lot of the suggestions, and hopefully by next week, I'll have the revised  version to send back to your team and have them do another analysis."  - Bryan Howard, 52 Blocks

"Thank you for the fast response ;-) and I completely agree with all of your analyst's comments.  I have never taken a screenplay class, and just bought a screenplay program and wrote my first script. I am very excited with the incredible amount of feedback I have received, and thank your wonderful service for inspiring me to continue to learn to be a screenplay writer."  - Jeff Jones, The Lazarus Grid

"That was quick... thanks a million. It's exactly what I needed to make this a better script.  Be sure to tell your analyst thanks for me.”  – Terry Wright, Undead in Paris

"Thank you so much for the analysis, I think it's right on the money and I will endeavor to incorporate as many of your analyst's suggestions as I'm capable of doing.  I promise I will use your service again in the future."  - Art Martin, Rough Riders Productions

"I would like to receive development notes from yet another reader!  It's been a great service, I am quite pleased with the coverage.  It was very well written.  Your analysts perceptively pointed to weaknesses in the script and thoughtfully made suggestions for improvements.   I'm already excited to problem solve! I look forward to re-submitting the screenplay." - J.V., Fool on a String

"Thanks so much.  Great notes and very in line with what we were thinking." - Leslie Hess Shafton (The Love Shack by Douglas Segal)

"Wow, this is fabulous! I cannot thank you enough for this feedback.  I am so glad we discovered your service!  You can count on our reaching out to AWS in the future." - Ron Alvarez & Charles Buckley, Rat School

"I can't believe how efficiently your analyst has captured the potential and its flaws. I can now see just what the analyst sees, and could not agree more; I'm simply in awe of the caliber of analysis AWS has given me again!  I can't thank you enough!" - Ron Alvarez, Collar Men

"Thanks for the quick response! You and your readers did a good job on my script analysis. It was apparent a lot of time was spent on the script, and that it was read thoroughly. I appreciate you also pointing out the typos, that always helps. There's a lot of suggestions to consider, and we will.  Thanks again, for your really in-depth and thorough work. We'll definitely be back." - Curtis Burdick, Rodney & Jerry: Grave Robbers

"The coverage was brilliant, and filled with helpful details. These are the most concise, and detailed notes I've ever received. The coverage was extremely prompt and professional, and most importantly, my objective has been achieved through these notes. A most gracious thanks to you and your staff." - William Tyback, American Dreamer

"I really valued your Development Notes. I had two other reviews done, but your suggestions were excellent, and I will put them into practice this weekend." - Nigel Grant, The Saxon

“Your “studio reader’s” style of presentation provides insight as to how my script would be received and criticized by a producer. The suggested edits were meant to polish the script into a more producible presentation.  Your analyst obviously spent as much time on the last page as the first, which is rare in coverage.”  - Christopher Canole, Felix the Flyer

“Your analyst quickly spotted the areas to improve in the script, and the incomplete character arcs; provided detailed coverage and development suggestions; added several do's and don'ts in format and spelling, and noted some movies for me to view again the same genre as the script; I got some insights I hadn't really considered, as well as a useful constructive critique.” - Marco Guarda, Prince Spider

"Your analyst went into in-depth coverage describing the weak-points and strong-points of the script. The synopsis sums the story up perfectly, and doesn't miss a beat. The dialogue notes were concise, and allowed fixes to be made immediately. The suggestions take on a flight of their own, to go beyond what you imagined, to make I believe, a better story." - Christopher Stamatelos, Man In White

“I loved the AWS analysis and will definitely be returning for more.  It was well worth the money. Your analyst offered many suggestions that gave me food for thought, I was especially impressed with the last page, where a list of Actors envisioned for the roles of my characters, was included. I actually had to go to Imdb to look some of them up.” - Elizabeth Pfeiffer, Dropping In

"I just wanted to thank you for the great notes. The analysis was worth the wait, and as usual, you did a stellar job and I look forward to sending you more work in the future. - Elizabeth Pfeiffer, Red Gold

"Thanks to AWS, for continued insight and suggestions on my scripts.  I will definitely get to work on making the suggested improvements, I find your coverage to be well founded, easy to read and understand, and gives me the knowledge to better my own writings." - Monte Moore, Eminent Domain

"I thought the Analysis was very thorough with some excellent observations and suggestions. Thanks for the great work."  - Larry Postel, Santa 'n Monica

"Your Screenplay Analysis service has given me the best advice I've received so far about screenwriting."  - Don Welch, Cherokee Nightfall

"Thank you very much for the very detailed and extremely helpful analysis! As a first time writer a service like yours is very helpful and I am positive that my script will be better as a result of it.  I would say it is worth every penny but considering how well priced you are I think what I got back would have been a deal at twice the price. I would not only use your service again but will likely re-submit my script once I've made suggested changes. Thanks again!" - Jason Amelio, Green Fees

"I appreciate the quick turn around and spot on analysis.  I also like how it's focused on improving the script with excellent suggestions.  Many thanks, I'm sure I'll be using your services again." - Scot Byrd, Fleurette

"Once again I received amazing results from your coverage service.  This Analysis was exactly what I was looking for: hard creative constructive criticism. I was lost in a sea of screenwriting resources, but have regained my bearings through AWS. And as usual the turnaround was at warp speed.  I can honestly say that the purpose of your service is to give wholeheartedly affordable screenplay analysis that is directed at making the writer better; and I now believe that from the analysis I have received it will lead to being successful with my script. I know I still have a lot to learn, and as soon as I can acquire the funds to participate in the mentoring program I will.  I would like to thank my Analyst, for I can tell he gave me more than what was required, and I would gamble to say that your service is one of the best deals in the industry."  – Jeff Jones, The Lazarus Grid

"I really liked the analysis; it was very detailed and specific to the pros and cons of the script. The evaluation was spot on as to feedback I had received from industry insiders, and the suggestions for improvement were really specific to the genre."  - Dominic Daniel, Skinned, Rock City Films

3-page Screenplay Analysis - $99.
RUSH OVERNIGHT 3-page Analysis - $179.
6-page Development Notes - $199.
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