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Testimonials from Our Clients:


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JAMES JAMIL - Feature Comedy

"When I first thought of my movie idea, I had no idea where to start. I went online and found thousands of writers, all at a very expensive price (screenwriting is not cheap). So I specified my search for people/companies with experience in the Hollywood industry and Award Winning Screenwriters caught my eye. The moment I met with Laurie, she envisioned and understood what I wanted on the film and with her experience in the industry, she did not disappoint. In fact, as we worked together on the script it came out even better than I can ever imagine. I would not be in the position I am today without Award Winning Screenwriters and can't thank them enough for the work they've put in. 5 star service and worth every dollar."

Bill Mess, Prisoner of Utopia Vol. 1 & Vol. 2

"First I want to say that this is really awesome for the first draft of my two volume sci-fi book adaptation to feature film screenplays.  This is fantastic.  My AWS ghostwriter is awesome and really seemed to get what I want, thank you.  These notes are right on. I am very excited and enthused.  My ghostwriter really got me excited because she was so professional and grasped everything I want to convey and the detail that she expressed in our conversation was wonderful.  I am so impressed with my ghostwriters take on this and how she is understanding the story.  I have attached my comments on the first treatment.  I love working with my ghostwriter, I think she is creative and gets this project.  She is so positive and open to all my ideas and her additions are spot on."

GM Productions

"It has been a great pleasure working with Erin and her team. It was a truly exceptional experience. Erin has provided the services with proper project management, timely delivery with quality to our satisfaction, and have gone above and beyond to guide us what's needed for our film planning. We would highly recommend to others and will continue to work with Erin and her team to complete our Film project." 

Jesse Brown Mays, Willing to Ride

"The AWS ghostwriting is going wonderfully (for my treatment); my ghostwriter is very enthusiastic and professional. I feel as if he has been working on my story longer than I have. In fact, I talked to him yesterday about the small changes to the treatment and the new title.  Everything is going great.  You have made a great match pairing us two together."

Manny Kadilla, Arc Angel One

"It seems like my ghostwriter (for my book to screenplay) and me are on the same page with everything. I'm so happy about this whole book-to-screenplay adaptation ghostwriting project. Thanks again.  It's been a great experience. I'm very happy with the way the screenplay turned out. You, my ghostwriter, and the whole team at AWS were great!"

Steve & Cathi Lee, Angel Fire

"We’re writing to personally thank you and Award Winning Screenwriters for the outstanding support provided in overseeing the development of a Treatment for our story.  Throughout the entire process, you provided outstanding counsel to us and the highest level of professional assistance and input. Our ghostwriter’s marvelous work on the Treatment provides an exceptional overview of the film, and includes all the important conceptual elements, structured in 3 Acts.  The Treatment entices the reader and helps him or her visualize the movie and its scenes as effectively as possible.  Our ghostwriter was masterful in leaving cliffhangers in between the acts, and built characterization as much as possible, but still kept the Treatment concise and fast-paced.  We feel the Treatment will allow potential buyers to understand the plot elements of a film without actually reading a full-length script.  In closing, we could not be more pleased with all the services you provided.  You were a cordial and valuable partner throughout the entire project.  Please accept our heartfelt appreciation and gratitude."

Jamelle Dolphin, Recorded In Hollywood

"I contracted AWS for ghostwriting services (for my manuscript to treatment), to help me develop a screenplay Treatment from my book, with the goal of it becoming a feature film. I must say it was all I asked for and more. My ghostwriter really put in the time and interest into my project, to get the job done right, and professionally. Now I feel confident enough to go out into the world of Hollywood with something that is solid and right there with other Hollywood professionals. Thank you for your great work, and I can't wait to use your services again."

Gail Petty, Reality TV Show

"Award Winning Screenwriters delivered a Treatment for a reality TV show on-time, at a reasonable rate that went beyond my expectations.  I was so impressed with their professionalism, industry knowledge, extensive experience and ability to take a simple idea and bring it to life.  I now have what I need to meet with network executives.  I would highly recommend this organization to anyone looking for professional writing services.  I know I will be back for my next project."

Vicki Wade, Barefoot In Miami

“My AWS ghostwriter is very easy to work with and on target with (for my lifestory to screenplay) she has creative ideas that take what is in my mind and it flows right into the paper! I liked the first draft of the Treatment very much. I cried. It is hard to read, when it is your life. My ghostwriter and I discussed a few ideas but I am very happy with it.  I love the final draft of the Treatment!  I just asked my ghostwriter to change the last part -- It is great.  I received the first draft of the full screenplay late this afternoon and it did bring tears to my eyes. It painted the picture totally, and I felt very happy in my memories.  I will tell you that so far, my ghostwriter has captured the essence of the era, and the moods of the specific moments of the time.  Thank you, for helping me get my life on paper, and to share these vibrant experiences with others."

Dan Jacob, 25 Years Mandatory

"I am sending this letter to thank you for your help preparing my movie treatment. As someone who has never really written a thing, I felt your guidance and the fact that you partnered me with someone who is actually interested in my story, and seems to have a connection to it, is going to play a big part in this stories success. As you can tell I am not a writer, I just had some ideas thrown together and my ghostwriter helped me mold them into an actual viable story, thanks again!" 

Jaron Zennaiter, Project Human

"It went great with the phone call to my ghostwriter, once our call ended, I remembered things I forgot to tell him about the Treatment (for my science fiction screenplay), lol. I can't wait to see it!"

Pia & Julia, Reality TV Show

"We couldn't have asked for somebody better than Award Winning Screenwriters (for our Reality TV Treatment), they are deninitely the best in what they do. We were confused and lost with our project idea, but finding AWS was fantastic! it is difficult to find a good ghostwriter because most of them don't really care, but In this case we are very excited and happy with the work that they did, and we definitely have to say that they are the absolutely best in the industry!!!"

EW, The Fate of Hate

"As a writer myself, I was skeptical about trusting another writer with my vision. My ghostwriter was able to listen to my story and write a compelling Treatment built on solid character sketches. I'm grateful and look forward to working with AWS in the future."

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